Brad Zawodny
Nationality: American
Education: BA(English Literature/East Asia Studies) from Miami University. Med(Ed. Administration) from Michigan State University.
I have been living and teaching in Guangzhou since 1998. It has been a very pleasurable experience and I see myself staying much longer.

Gary Koski
Nationality: Canadian
Education: B.Ed Secondary University of Saskatchewan, Post-Grad Diploma in Education Administration-University of Saskatchewan M.Sc.Ed-University of Western Oregon
Other: I started my teaching career in Alberta and then moved to British Columbia. I spent the major part of my administrative career in Secondary School although I have also been Principal of a Middle School. I have enjoyed the many opportunities to implement creative and innovative educational programs over the past several years. And look forward to continuing these experiences in China. I am happy to be a part of Clifford School as it continues to grow into an outstanding educational institution.

Calvin C. Stanley
Nationality: USA
BA-History, Elon University

I have been teaching for 6 (six) years. As an American-born Chinese, I jumped at the chance to not only work in my ancestral homeland, but to find out more about my heritage.

Constance A. Lambert
Nationality: USA
Education: B.S. Interdisciplinary Studies and Behavioral Sciences
Other: I have been teaching in the U.S. and China for more than 9 years. This is my third year at Clifford School kindergarten in the international program and my second year as head-coordinator. Although I have taught children of all ages from university level to preschool level, I have a fondness for the younger children. My daughter MaiLi attends the primary school in the bilingual program. We have enjoyed living in China and plan to continue living and teaching abroad.

Terry Kurtz
Nationality: USA
Education: Masters of ED Teachers Certificate
Other: I have been teaching for five (5) years.
I've truly enjoyed my time at Clifford School. I came to China with the expectation of working for 1 year and moving on. This is now my third year and I have no immediate plans to leave.

Ross Konings
Nationality: Australian

Education: Degree of Dip Teach (Primary)
Other: I have been teaching for 26 years in Australia, Africa and now in China. I have been in China now for 5 years. It was a great honour to be named ¡°Outstanding Teacher in the Elementary School¡±. There are many excellent teachers here and I am privileged to be working with them. As a teacher I am very lucky to meet great people - parents, teachers and children. Being in China has been a great experience. I love traveling and have seen a lot of China, I only wish my Chinese was a bit better! The children in China are very friendly and always have a bright smile to greet me each day. What a pleasure for me!!!

Shaun Ranni
Nationality: Canadian
Education: Bachelor of Business Administration degree
My name is Shaun Ranni and I am from Sydney, Canada. My educational background consists of a Bachelor of Business Administration degree and I also have a Bachelor of Science degree majoring in Kinesiology. I obtained my Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Maine in the United States of America. I have been teaching for 4 years in Canada, Taiwan and Oman prior to coming to China. I look forward to experiencing and being a part of a new culture here at Clifford.

Richard Stokes
Nationality: American
Education: BA ¨C 20th Century European Literature and Philosophy MDiv ¨C Systematic Theology
After careers in the service industry and human services, in 2001 I embarked on a teaching career.In the US, I was a high school English teacher and taught English as a second language for adults.While learning from my esteemed Chinese and Western colleagues, I hope to bring fresh ideas and diverse experience to the English language program.I look forward to working cooperatively with parents to ensure their students¡¯ success.I am grateful for the opportunity to teach at Clifford School, to learn about China, its people and cultures.Through my role as English language teacher, I hope to make a small contribution toward better understanding and friendship between East and West

Kathie Little
Nationality: Canadian
Education: teaching certificate from Ottawa Teacher's College, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Mathematics, Pre-Masters in Education
I have been teaching for over 30 years at a number of grade levels and a variety of subjects.This is my first time in China and I am looking forward to a successful year.I believe in the potential of all students to achieve success and that this is a co-operative effort between the home and the school.

Iain Terhoch
Nationality: Canadian
Degrees in a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Education.
Other: Since graduation in 2006, I have worked teacher in one school division from the Kindergarten level up to the senior years. This is my first time traveling and working overseas. I believe the teacher must be a supportive leader and motivator, and educate in a manner that will create curiosity and excitement in the expanding minds of the students.

Janet Stainton
My name is Janet Stainton and I have been teaching at the International Kindergarten for three years. I teach the K2 grade and enjoy every minute. Even though English is the children¡¯s second language I marvel at how quickly and eagerly they respond to my teaching. I love to see them progress and learn and remember more and more words and build more and more sentences.
This experience has been rewarding and many times challenging but I feels my teaching abilities have increased and I have learned so much and I am determined to continue to learn.
Tim Little
Mr.Little¡¯s greatest passion is teaching. He dedicates himself to learning Chinese and becoming a better teacher and friend of China every day. He is constantly thinking of innovative and interesting ways to teach his students. He uses technology to help sick students to attend class from home, or to invite guest speakers from abroad. He loves to incorporate his hobbies into the classroom¡ªoften doing woodworking projects, gardening, drawing, singing, and Taekwondo with the kids. As a result, all of his students love his classes and work hard to improve their English. Mr. Little is never satisfied with how good things are. ¡°We can never imagine how good they can be tomorrow!¡± In his daily effort to improve the way he teaches reading and writing, he began using his personal computer to record is voice reading the grade two phonics books into digital format. Every week for a year, he made a digital phonics book that the students could listen to and learn from at home.
Ms. Ginger Fell
Ms. Ginger Fell is a Canadian-accredited educator that has worked at Clifford School for seven years. She has worked in Junior High and Secondary, across all three programs: Bilingual, Manitoba and International. Her extra curricular credits have included Student Council, Model United Nations, Student Trip Coordinator, Student Movie Competition Organizer, and Student Teacher training. She is intensively involved with creation and expansion of the International library and has ordered over 5000 resources. For the past two years, Ms. Fell has been head of the Social Studies Department and has increased resources, communication and organization within her team. Ms. Fell currently teaches High School Geography to over 100 students and strives to help students make geographical connections to their self and their world. This year, she has increased her use of media and technology and spent her time putting together a website. This functions not only as a tool for her Geography students but is for parents/guardians as well ¨C to help increase communication for all. Ms. Fell is always looking for new challenges and opportunities both professionally and personally and encourages her students to do the same.