Be a responsible guide to our students


Dr. Pang, dear colleagues, good afternoon!
    We are very much thankful to Dr. Pang for his greetings to us on Teachers’ Day. And I am very much honored, on behalf of the Chinese faculty and administrative staff, to speak something about Dr. Pang’s speech. His words inspire me a lot. From his words, we can feel his consistent affection for education, and hear his great expectations on our school and on our staff.
    As teachers of this school, we’ll definitely do as required by the school board. First, we should keep updating our philosophy of education; second, in faculty spirit of “dedication, professionalism, humanism, and innovation” as advanced by Dr. Pang a couple of years ago. And we should try to have dedication, morality, knowledge, and a caring heart, and be a responsible guide for our students.
    To be a responsible guide for our students, the first important thing is ideal and faith. This is a time when pursuits vary. Only with a resolute ideal and faith, can we guard our students against evil temptations. We should study and accept the core socialist values. If we do study, do understand, and do believe in the core values, we can creatively incorporate them in our daily education, as appropriate for the students.
    To be a responsible guide for our students, morality is the precondition. The job specialties of a teacher has made it a must for teachers to be of noble qualities. As the proverb says, “actions speak louder than words!" we teach with words, but more with actions. Only with morality and examples can a teacher serve a mirror to the students.
    To be a responsible guide for our students, a profound learning is necessary.This is an information society, and a teacher must learn a lot before he can teach a little. We should face this challenge, and have a sense of lifelong learning. We should improve our learning and competence, and we should learn to apply our knowledge creatively for solution of a problem, as needed in our daily education. And we should keep updating our theory, knowledge, and skills.
    To be a responsible guide for our students, a caring heart is the key that matters much. An educator is “catcher in the rye”, and the soul of education is love. A good teacher in the new era should not only educate, but also, with arms open, respect, contain, and appreciate each student, and escort their growth.
    To be a responsible guide for our students, the chief task is to improve our teaching. This year, we’ve continued our glory in Zhongkao and Gaokaoa, in spite of the threat of epidemic. To our secondary school, there are many challenges. But we are confident to overwhelm the challenges. We are determined to innovate management, to seek excellence, to do targeted research, to be highly efficient in preparing seniors for Gaokao, and to develop more high-quality graduates. Let us join our efforts to shoulder the great expectations, and play the key role polishing our school brand.
    Thank you for listening, and best wishes to you all and to our school!         


Western teacher’s speech 2020

    Firstly let me extend my warmest and most heartfelt greetings to Dr Pang and indeed all of the School board who have joined us here today on this annual teacher’s conference of Clifford School.
    I am gladdened to acknowledge and truly appreciative of Dr Pang’s recognition of our role as teachers and educators and how we are seen in today’s society. Dr. Pang mentioned our importance and continued increase in status, alongside reasons why we should cherish what we do and further develop how we are doing it. In this I fully agree, with him.
    As guardians of the future, and this is the way I see our job, we all help develop the minds that will shape tomorrow. So, it is our responsibility to never sit back and watch as the world and its contents moves on by. We must all be learning, all of the time, so we can impart our knowledge to the younger, even keener minds, that we have been given the responsibility to educate.
    Recently, the world has been moving fast, very fast. Covid-19 has struck us and hurt us all, in a way few could predict or expect. In many ways this virus has shown us all what it is to be human, we are not infallible and we are not immortal. As a teacher at Clifford School I was proud, no, I am proud of the way, we all came together during this difficult time.
    We prioritized quickly the needs of those we have a duty to care for, our students. We put various systems, resources and other supportive measures in place. We did this to ensure that our wards would not in fact lose out or be starved of intellectual stimulation or development. We did this as quickly and efficiently as was necessary at time of true strife and worry. We adapted to the world and its changes and quickly responded in an appropriate manner to our students needs. So, in this, we did our truly important job and we did it well.
    I was also proud and very reassured in the manner in which our school, supported us during this extremely difficult and constantly evolving period of time. We were given financial security and information as necessary, for us all to make the informed decisions we needed, in order to protect ourselves, our families and indeed our students. So for that support I would like to offer my heartfelt thanks to Dr. Pang and the board as a whole. Thank you.
    Finally, I would like to add, that as Dr. Pang mentioned previously, this virus, this Covid-19,is something we will be living and dealing with for the foreseeable future. As educators and role models for others, it is important for us to continue to project a positive and proactive attitude in all that we do and all that we are, during this time. Let us now go forward, embrace the inevitable challenges with energy and enthusiasm. So, we can show the children that watch and learn from us, that even though there are difficult times and challenges in life, both now and for certain in the future. We can and we will overcome them and learn to grow from them.
    My sincere thanks for your time and patience, I wish you all, Dr. Pang, the board, faculty and staff members a successful and productive new school year.